Alignet’s API (Application Programming Interface) encompasses a wide variety of services ranging from payment orchestration using various payment vehicles, onboarding, risk assessments, authentication, and others.

It is a processor-agnostic technology solution that orchestrates transactions and allows our customers to be integrated with processors through a single point of integration allowing them to access a global processing network.

Alternative Payments

  • Peru: PayIn / PayOut

  • Ecuador: PayIn / Pay Out

  • Chile: PayIn / PayOut

  • Argentina: PayIn / PayOut

Card Not Present Processing

  • Peru: Visa / MasterCard / IziPay / Niubiz

  • Chile: Visa / MasterCard / Amex / Discover

  • Panama: Visa / MasterCard

Alignet’s API is built around RESTful principles and a JSON-based payload and response delivery. The API uses OAuth and key-based authentication.

The API uses a version method that uses the ALG-API- VERSION HTTP Header to peg to a specific version. Is important to mentioned that, if the ALG-API- VERSION HTTP Header is not sent, the latest API version is used.


  • All calls to the API should be done using HTTPS.

  • The API is limited to 25 calls per second to any endpoint and verb tuple.

  • Upon exceeding the rate, you will receive a 429 HTTP response code.

Continuar a Error management ➡️