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The documentation for this version can be found aquí.

  • The user experience was improved with a redesign of the Gateway and Wallet.

  • Added custom variables:

    • User action and button color

    • Header color

    • Merchant Logo

  • The 3DS v2.1 authentication library has been added prior to Authorization, if the Merchant wishes to enable the option.

  • Added successful payment animations that are included in the mandatory Visa and Mastercard libraries:

    • MastercardSonic.

    • VisaSensoryBranding.

  • Added the PaymeInternalAction Object to return notifications to the App for each internal SDK action. These actions are:

    • Cardholder presses the pay button.

    • RBA process starts and ends.

    • 3DS process starts and ends.

    • Authorization with the Charges component starts.

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