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Plugin Configuration

Once we have the Pay-me Checkout Module installed, we will proceed to make the configurations to this module based on the data we have received from the Integrations Team or the Keys we generated in V-ADMIN. We will start by entering the store configuration ("Store/Configuration") and then go to the payment methods ("Sales/Payment Methods").

The next step is to configure Pay-me Checkout. Please note that you must perform your tests by selecting the Integration Environment.

Regarding the tax, only if the "Tax Type" is selected as ITBMS internally the plugin will perform the calculation of the tax amount using the percentage defined in the "Tax Percentage (%)" field. For example, if 7% was defined as the percentage and the total amount of the order is $100.00, internally the plugin will perform the calculation and the result $7 will be sent in the "reserved5" field. In case the "Tax Type" is set to None, no tax calculation will be performed.

Finally, proceed to make the configuration based on the currency supported by your store. Use the first configuration block for the local currency of the country (e.g. Nuevos Soles, Pesos, etc.) and use the second configuration block for the foreign currency which is Dollars.

To be considered:

  • The Acquirer ID and the Merchant ID are the data obtained in the Platform Access.

  • The value of the V-POS2 Key and Wallet, are the Keys obtained when generating Merchant Keys.

  • The Response url should be shared to the Integrations Team.

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