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Considerations and recommendations

To be considered:

  1. The steps from Platform Access to Plugin Configuration must be performed in the Integrations Environment.

  2. Test with the Cards that are detailed here.

  3. We recommend that you use the Modal Integration Scheme, because it provides a better customer experience.

  4. Some colors of the Modal Integration Scheme are configurable, contact the Integrations Team for more details.

  5. Always store the Keys you generate in a safe place, because if you lose or delete them you must generate them again and update the configuration of the Pay-me Checkout Module. (see Plugin Configuration).

  6. If your store is going into Production:

    • Store the configuration you made of the Module and Keys in a safe place, as it may be useful later if you want to retake tests for some reason in the Integration environment.

    • You should notice that the URL of the V-ADMIN (Production Environment) is different from the one you had previously (Integration Environment).

    • Make sure that when you configure the Pay-me Checkout Module in Plugin Configuration, you are setting the Environment to Production.

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