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Server to Server Notification

This group of notification options consists of sending the notification directly from the Pay-me Checkout servers to the merchant's servers, Pay-me Checkout sends a POST to the response URL defined by the merchant.

This notification type can be used as a complement, with any of the options of Notifications through the Client Browser, using this, as an informative channel to the buyer.

In the scenario that a notification does not reach the merchant, Pay-me Checkout performs 3 notification retries every 5 minutes to ensure the integrity of transactions with the merchant.

Pay-me Checkout, after receiving the authorization response from the processor, notifies by sending a POST to the merchant's servers.

  • Notifies the response to the URL defined by the merchant via secure HTTPS communication - server to server (Pay-me - Merchant).

It does not require finishing the user flow in the client's browser, since it is a server to server communication.

Operational dependency, because the POST is made from server to server using secure protocol (HTTPS), certificate registration is required in Alignet servers, where the merchant must communicate and send in advance the new certificate to update it in Alignet servers.

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